choany somewhere, Beukers

Es hat einen hervorragenden Klang und ich spiele sehr gerne darauf.

London, blackwood Wijne2

Anyway, what I have wanted to say is that I’m enjoying playing your flute very much. I find it to be an extremely rtrt56

good mix of an even, good natured flute with an interesting, colourful heart to it. It has also been useful to have both joints - the flatter one was great for Tempesta di Mare, where the flute is ALWAYS sharp! Brilliant.

Berlin, Palanca

thanks for your wishes for 2018 - and of course for your wonderfull Palanca-Flute...!

Japan, Beukers

I know Japan’s climate but not China’s climate….
He doesn’t get a chance to get your traverso easily.  So I accepted his offer.

At the same time, I loose my favorite traverso.  I think that I look for DAC in Japan instead.

USA, Beukers

Thank you so much. I hope you are well. My Beukers is well and in good voice.

Australia, WIjne

The Wijne is sounding very nice and I am taking my time getting familiar with it; the Naust is sounding Fabulous, and is my favourite flute for now.
I’ve got an assignment in Paris next year from mid Feb to mid Apr and will contact the flautist you mentioned to take lessons on French baroque music. I will use the Naust for it - it would be perfect!


Thanks so much for the tip. I had made not of your recommended third octave fingerings on your site, but this one must have slipped my mind. Thanks again so much for your beautiful work and generosity of spirit. I truly look forward to my time on this wonderful flute every day. My first program that will utilize the Kirst is coming up in a couple of weeks (only a couple of numbers on the program: sticking to the playing in period as outlined on your site), and I am so looking forward to it. 

Berlin, Kirst 440/430

Yes, I do! I enjoy it in both pitches. This really are two different flutes. The Grenadill makes the sound very clear. On the other hand it needs a bit more exercise for me to play smooth or 'sweet'. But I'm getting on. 

Finland, Kirst 415

the Kirst is now safely in my hands and it’s beautiful. I will be exploring it daily from now on

Innsbruck, Palanca

So... now I just unpacked the flute and it plays wonderfully. I am very happy with it and the new middle joint, I played it with a tuner and it works beautifully. 

Verona, renaissance flutes

I THANK YOU for your effort in searching the deep ANIMA of the original instruments, really taking care like nobody did it so much!

Looking to see you again in spring,

Netherlands, Beukers

Met dit mailtje wil ik je nog eens bedanken voor de reparatie van mijn fluit. Hij sluit weer perfect!
Gisteren heb ik hem bij ... afgehaald en vandaag heb ik er al lekker 2 kwartetten van Telemann op gestudeerd. Ik geniet van de mooie klank.


I have two flutes of yours. 
I have a Beukers, which is my main instrument.
Sadly, I dropped it, in my last flute lesson no less. There is no damage affecting the playing but the lowest 'ivory' ring on the foot joint has shattered. I would like it replaced.

Boston, Palanca

Everything's going great! I love the Palanca more and more, it's starting to really sound like "me"! 

Sweden Kirst 415

I’m getting along with the new flute! I’ve yet to name her, but were getting to know eachother. It truly is a piece of art you’ve built! The staining is the colour i want and it feels really nice to play the flute.


Oh, I’ll remeber to just use that f# then. Is that the only special fingering for this flute?

 Germany, Palanca

Ich bin total zufrieden mit der Palanca, die ich im März in München bei dir gekauft habe, wirklich ein tolles Instrument mit den Eigenschaften, die ich mir gewünscht habe. Ich habe auch schon ein paar Johannespassionen damit bestritten! :)

USA, Beukers

o, dear Simon, your lovely flute has decided to put up with me.

i can hear where it wishes to lead me, IF i get better, and even now, it’s beginning to sound like a friend.

such magic~~
just SO excited!  

USA, Beukers

I played for just a few minutes, and I'm already excited by its possibilities!


It was lovely to meet you at Blackheath, and I’m enjoying the flute very much. My old flute, which is a rather fragile antique, can now enjoy an honourable retirement, and I can now enjoy pieces that need a few tricky notes that just won’t sound on the old flute.



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