This picture was taken by Alyshame

I was born 22 April 1942, so middle of the war. As I am Jewish and this was occupied Holland it is a miracle that there were people risking their lives to save me. After the war my parents " did not come back", as this was euphemistically called at the time. So the people saving me during the war became my foster parents. And I grew up as any normal child not then and not later really experiencing consequences of the war.

Graduated from high school in 1960 (or was it 61) went, no not to a conservatory, but to University to study Mathematics. I have been a math's teacher some years and then worked as a mathematician in research in Industry .
In my thirties I started trying to play the Traverso. Some twenty eight years ago I did the evening joiners education. Bought a lathe. And from one thing to another I found that flute making was a professional vocation for me.


We are quite a lot again, fam1 fam2also the Polak familyskiandanne

I have five children, three children with their own families and one working in insurance industry, the other now in Vienna, building a new life.

This is Tamara TAmeigenmy oldest daughter. She did a law degree and just changed jobs and now works at AKZO.

Further there is Pim, pim pimannephysiotherapist by training but now with a very posh MBA, one of those where one week study is in Hong Kong and one in Mexico. He is working in industry in different functions. Now director of a combined foundation comany with the aim of improving surgery.

Shoshana, a real barrister at a one of those law firms, here with her son David . San


Our Alysha, a photographer by education but now enjoying working in insurance industry .aly

And last Tanja tan a master in sociology/anthropology, brilliantly (says her father and show her marks, who gets 10 out of 10 points for an exam at a Dutch University)!! After her masters she got a job at an NGO that she could do on the web and therefore could do her world trip. Then sort of got stuck in Bogota and after a slaves job at a school teaching English she has worked at several Universitities there and enjoyed it thoroughly. Alas then south american vice caught up with her so she returned to Vienna where she is in her grand mothers house building something new. Not boring in any case.

But were they not nice together just a little while ago tanies


Tamara, Pim and Shoshana are from my first marriage with Lies Olgers.

Now I am married to Monikamon the mother of

Alysha and Tanja. She is a garden designer,

Tamara is married to Wilco wil and they have three children,

Noah,thennoahnownoah Daniel, thendanielnow and Roos thenroosand nowro


but also Noah noiah ftb and Daniel daniel ftb and Roos roos2long ago


Pim has two children with his former wife Renee, Floor floorthen and now floorwith creepy animals and Isabelle thenisanow? but also now Pim with both Floor and Isabellepiflis

No comment! pimisa

Pim is now married with Marjolijn. Marjolijn has a son Maurits mauritswho is always in a good mood.

And the latest Polak,guusje Guusje.



Shohana lives with Remco Snijders, Remco they have a son David, david


Is this fun? pimroos must be!

And the good life weiland in the field behind our house

And yes, me. This looks like I am a real player (making music with Karin Elkerbout), but I am really a maker and nowhere near a real musician.





And of course our home (many more pictures here) with the workshop at the


Our living room.woonk


And how a flutemaker repairs his windsurf board starboard

And Bas,our Great Swiss Sennen dog, alas no longer after 12 years. However, this was a unique dog that we will not forget easily.


But life goes on, so here is Iwan

Iwan 145/1But he groooooowsIwan2015




































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