simply fabulous, Laura (and my Palanca) :



So nice, listen and see Emily (Yu) Ma etcetera (Kirst 415).

Diana has these really nice projects listen and look!!!!!! (wijne 2)

And really super nice: Dolores August, kirst 415 grenadilla.

More and more amazing Laura and L'Apotheose (Palanca)


Some more Corona fun, Diana Baroni, Leclair and my Wijne 2 flute


Erika Kawai does some nice Teleman fantasies

Also Dolores August making some music (Kirst 415) at home with her husband together: Ranish Sonata

Now so called Corona fun....... Laura Quesada.

New Händel album from L'apotheose (Palanca) so nice.



I really like this, Diana Baroni (Kirst 440)And on top of that without comments CPE


Diana Baroni Mozart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(kirst 440)


L'Apothéose - Modéré (Official Music Video) (click)

(Kirst 415) no further comment!!!!


What to do more on a Kirst 440 if you can, listen to Diana Baroni



Twenty uears ago a cd was made Dutch music on copies of Dutch flutes. It was never published I always had a clip on this page but now I decided to have the whole cd here, good memories!

Dutch on Dutchclick Amsterdams consort, Dutch on Dutch




AKAMUS live recording of a concert Bach with also Christoph Huntgeburth playing the

Kirst in a way that does only wants listening to click: bach huntgeburth

handel compcongratulations L'apotheose with Laura Quesada from Madrid

(mail to me from Laura, winning at the famous Göttingen Händel competition) The blackwood Kirst!! It was amazing! We won 3 prizes on the competition: Bärenreiter prize, Eeemerging prize and 1st prize!! I am very happy with the result and how the flute behaved.

click5,all four previous in one go

but Apotheose at home, for me they are the new discovery,
click6 also below but this is in one go.


Listen to Jed playing, so nice click



Laura Quesada ALcaide on a Kirst 415. Sill a student but nice.

Listen to Enrico Casularo playing Locatelli on a Wijne I made!!

Watch and listen to Christoph Huntheburth who plays the flute solo in the water music from Händel in the Koncertgebouw in Amsterdam with Akamus.

Download, takes time, do someting else while it downloads! The 415 Kirst copy!


Christoph Hutgeburth playing the copy of his Kirst original I made:

Enrico Casularo playing (Wijne) Sammartini on YouTube click


Jed Wentz beuatifully playing (Tassi 400)Hamburger Sonata just listen! Youtube link click


Mathew Passion, AKAMUS with three of the four traverso my copies of Christophs original Kirst.

Akam. Math

Aka.math 2

W.F. Bach with Christoph Huntgeburth and Andrea Theinert on Kirst 415, copy of Christoph his original.




And also music from the Berlin court with AKAMUS and Christoph Huntgeburth on the same flute.




New really superb recordings from Maria Canedo on her Beukers

(click for lots of clips) C.P.E. Bach and Telemann

maria teleman Bach

buy from here


Also La Fontegara & Manfredo Kraemer:
(also using the Beukers)
La Fontegara
• Overture- Hutiéme Concert dans le goût Théatral, F. Couperin, Fontegara-Manfred Kraemer

• Air, Huitiéme concert dans le goût Théatral, F. Couperin


Kate clark shows her superb playing from early renaissance to baroque! The "in between" she plays on a Haka. Click to listen to Huygens on the Haka

kate haka

order from Kate herself: Kate Clark <>



click to Listen to Jed with Bach 1033 on the Naust (I made) on Dutch tv

and 1030




Listen to Isabelle Lamfalussy (ensemble solstice) on Beukers 415, just out !!!!!!!! and beautiful!!!!!!


BBC Proms Chamber Music 4: The Music of J S Bach and his Sons
Date Monday 9 August 2010
Time 1.00pm–c2.00pm
Venue Cadogan Hall
Broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

Musica ad Rhenum
Jed Wentz flute/director

(Jed plays a Beukers 408 copy)

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click Amsterdams consort

also listen to Sang Joon Park at the links page and to

Sang Joon Park concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just click it, you need windows media player 11 though

Barbara Kallaur playing the Beukers with Voltaire

Kate Clark playing tassi 392 just listen!

Kate on Youtube


Steven Zohn playing Vivaldi, for a cut click 

  Kruitvat in the Netherlands or

Gwyn Roberts in Weiss Lute concerti with a Beukers


Chandos 0707


Gwyn Roberts on ebony Beukers, clip still coming




fasch gwyn



Gwyn on boxwood Beukers, clip to come.



Have a look and listen to my favorite Diana Kirst 440 for quite different music.






with the fantastic Maria Diez-Canedo on Beukers boxwood,

What a pity about the YouTube sound quality! But nevertheless!!!!!!!!!

Listen to James Hook played by the Washington Camerata's Early Music Ensemble (3*Beukers)!





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