The history of Pierre Naust as a flute maker is a bit difficult because Naust died in 1709 while his workshop using the Naust stamp was active until 1734.

Pierre Naust lived from 1660 to 1709. His wife Barbe Pelletier with the employee Antoine Delerablee operated the shop after his death. Delerablee then married the daughter aslo called Barbe Naust in 1719. The mother Naust lived until 1728. Delerablee died in 1734. The shop was taken over by Thomas Lot who married the other daughter Jaenne of Pierre Naust also in 1734. Jaenne Naust had been operating the shop for a short period in 1734 by herself. Family relations of the flute makers in France were complicated and interwoven, [1]

So the big question is who made what. The Naust stamp was used from end of the 17th century to 1734. But Pierre Naust himself only made the early baroque ones.

My guess (no longer, see below) is that the original of this Naust I am making was made by Delerablee using the Naust stamp. But who knows, maybe Barbe mother Naust was in the workshop or Barbe Daughter or Jaenne. We will never know.
I now am now more inclined to believe that one of the ladies Naust made the flute because the turning of the only Delerablee flute I know, in the Oxford Bates collection is of a completely different style.

The Naust four piece flute I am copying simply is fabulous. It does everything and so easily and with such a broad flexible sound. My copy also seems to be very close to the original as was demonstrated by Masahiro Arita who owned two copies already when he bought mine!

I am only making the Naust at 400Hz. I have made a prototype at 415Hz and it was nice to play but nowhere near the 400Hz original quality. So I decided to stick to what is really wonderful.



original Naust


[1] Tula Giannini, Great Flute Makers of France, The Lot & Godefroy Families 1650-1900ISBN 0-946113-05-X







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