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Now the flute.  WOW!  What a beautiful flute.  For the first hour, I just set and looked at it, then I played it.  WOW! again.  Now I know what everyone talks about when they say they love your flutes.  I am so proud to have it.


The new flute has arrived and I am very pleased. It speaks beautifully and goes easily up to the highest notes.


Thank you for the flute. .... I've found that it is incredibly easy to play as you said, moreover, excellent tone!!! Looks like I've got a treasure!! Why can you make this great flute? Could you tell me what kinda magic you can take in your flute making? Anyway, I'm much happier than I thought before with this flute, I couldn't even imagine that this is such a great one! I'm now filled with feeling of gratitude for you to have made me the flute. I couldn't express it in any words!!.....

New York

the sound is very pure and even.  I like it very much.....      I am very excited about the new flute.  I will be giving my very first all-baroque flute recital on the 10th of December.


I am really enjoying the flute.  My teacher approves! 

North Germany

Ich bin begeistert von der Flöte, ihrem Timbre, der satten Tiefe und der Flexibilität - es war eine richtige Entscheidung!


You know this flute, so you're not getting any new information if I observe the it represents spectacular work with spectacular materials.   ........ My enthusiasm, yes.  ......  In any case I could not be more pleased and now look forward all the more to the next two instruments you are making for me.
     A couple quick comments: I was (pleasantly) surprised by the power and focus you/Beukers get from so (relatively) small an embouchure.  Especially at 408, which seems to me where this instrument wants most to be played (by me).  415 took more warming up (for me) at first to begin to hear comparable things happening at the higher pitch.  "At first," alas, was all I really had time for today.  .............................


Its tone balance is very very nice !  The instrument will be my treasure !


I received  YOUR beautiful flute first thing this morning!-- and played it immediately for  the entire 15 minutes that I am allowed in the beginning. I  was absolutely thrilled with it!   My husband, who is not a musician, could hear the difference just coming down the stairs from  our study on the third floor. Your flute has  the most gorgeous,  sweet sound and plays so easily thought the entire range of the instrument!  It is also "in tune"!!  Yeah!! 


I just thought that I would let you know that I won a scholarship from Early Music America. It is a scholarship for summer study. I won this using my Beukers flute. Here is their web link


The flute is really nice, I am very happy to have it! Thank you and have a nice summer.

Eufaula, USA

You have definitely made it worth the wait. I knew it was going to be good, but this exceeds what I was expecting. I have tried and bought many flutes over the years & when picking out a new flute I always try to get something that plays well the very 1st time I pick it up – which the Beukers definitely does. I can’t wait to hear how things will sound a couple months from now. The sound is so big and vibrant & it is so easy to play in tune. Also like that I can get a bright “spinning” sound with nice overtones in the 2nd octave, and the high notes are so easy and clear.


Flutes came this morning. They both are very good. When you make my new flute ........Thank you for these excellent flutes!


I met the 2 flutes that just arrived for ......... and now I decided I would like to have one for myself!

Silicon valley:

I purchased one of your Beukers 415 instruments in boxwood from ......., Washington. The flute is fabulous! So easy to play even I sound good. ;^) The intonation is really quite amazing, and the tone - gorgeous. The instrument feels as if it were alive when I play it.


The flute has arrived! It is beautiful. .........Thank you so very much.


"an instrument splendid smartly"

US (Florida):

"Once again I would like to express my happiness with this beautiful instrument.
I am enjoying it very much and could not be more satisfied."


"...falls das unmoeglich ist muss ich halt leider ein anderen spielen. Ich bin sehr gluecklich ueber dieses instrument"


The consert I went on 18th for the Brandenburg concertos was held in Yokohama, and the hall was rather older and a bit inferior acoustics than most of other concert halls here in Tokyo. Its capacity is 1100 people. I don't think it is not good for the concertos, however, the consert was very impressive.
This was the first time for me to listen to them at 392, so I am not proper to comment the difference between other performances at 415 by Denner, I.H.Rottenbourgh and some more flutes.
However, the Tassi flute was definitely different from any others. The tone was sometimes gentle like a whisper, sometimes sang so well, and it carried quite better than any other flutes at 392 which I had ever heard. On this point, ...... san agreed to me. According to my impression I have had, flutes at 392 were beautiful and at the same time a bit weaker anddarker, sometimes not lively. The Tassi is not of the kind. That has better characters of both earlier and later flutes. It is amazing for me. I am absolutely sure it must be the best choice for the concerto. Fascinating! I don't have any 392 flute, and I thought my first one was Hotteterre, but I now think the Tassi should be it for me.

I am so happy to have the Wijne flute. As you know, this is the second flute made by you. I can't express my impression correctly by now, because It has taken only 10 hours or so since I received it. However, I am deeply addicted to it now. I am sure any of your flutes have very beautiful tone, and they are all different from each other, however, at the same time they have common characteristics which I can't easily express in English. Only I could easily tell they were all made by you, Simon Polak. The Wijne has such a beautiful tone and excellent balance. Besides, I can easily play even from 3d to 3a. Now, I feel biggest potentiality in the
flute. This is a bit strange to tell, however, it has something new although they are of earlier period instrument. I think this may be one of common features of your flutes. I love my Beukers and I feel I will love this Wijne more than the Beukers in the future. The Beukers is, without doubt, one of the greatest flutes as everyone agrees, and also I am quite sure the Wijne should be considered to be such a greatest flute.This would never be understood just by words,
however, anyone would easily understand it by trying it out. I strongly recommend this flute!!
Thank you very very very much for the flute!!

Berlin Germany:

"Die floete spielt sehr schoen"

US (Indiana):

"It is indeed an amazing flute"


"I really enjoy the playing of baroque music with a traverso that makes you feel it is working with you and not against you"

The Netherlands:

"Een kort mailtje om te laten weten dat de traverso heerlijk speelt"


" easy it is playing. And it's so beautiful! I'm very happy"

The Netherlands:

"....dat de Tassi 398 mij zeer goed bevalt.  I durf me nu ook te wagen aan de allemande uit de partita van Bach"


"I'm so happy to have your flute
I find so many beautifull things  from your flute"


".....your flutes are wonderful and I  wish you good luck ...I'm looking forward to trying a Beukers soon."


".....I love Tammy's Beukers so much that I want one for myself, but I prefer
black wood!


One of my students,.....has a beautiful instrument of yours.


Many thanks for this beautiful instrument.


Hello Simon,
I have been playing .........'s flute in orchestra this week and I am so excited
that mine will be arriving soon!

Indiana edu

I received the flute today and I love it! It is amazing! It is the best
flute I have ever played! Thanks you so much!
Barbara loved it too. I took it to my lesson today!


Dear Simon-

Just a note to tell you that I am still very much enjoying the blackwood
Beukers flute!  I am playing it more each day and it sounds wonderful.  The
intonation is terrific and I can get superb dynamics.  My wife says it is the
best sounding wooden flute she has heard me play - quite a compliment!

Phoenix Arizona

.  Now that I've had a chance to play the flute for some time, I have to tell you that I am very happy with it.  It really is a wonderful instrument.  Hopefully, one day I will have the chance to try your other models as well.

Many thanks,

Worcester USA

I have been carefully, if passionately, playing in the flute I purchased 
from you at the last moment of the Boston Early Music Festival. It has a 
wonderful, flexible tone, and I am having great fun figuring out how I 
want it to sound for me. It is by far the loveliest and most satisfying flute I have played.
I have to say, now that I have this flute, I can't quite imagine being without it!

Nagoya, Japan

I can play very easy and brilliant sound!

South Dakota, USA

You have been a flutist's dream, both in terms of your speed and care!

Amherst MA, USA

I've been able to spend some time with the Beukers flute now, and I am more convinced and delighted by it. It has quite a wonderful deep and dark quality while being very, very responsive. Thank you for making such a lovely instrument.


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