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Australia (Tassi)

Now, the new flute - what can I say? It is beautiful! It is now easily the most flexible flute I have. Yes, it was a surprise indeed, and a great one. I am so appreciative of all the effort you have put into making this flute and helping so much. The three corps all play extremely well, and it is hot here today, so I couldn't have a better example of the usefulness of the different corps for coping with different conditions - it is just fantastic to have these! It is amazing, though, that this flute seems different in several ways.  .........The sound is subtlely different, especially between corps, and I will experiment more with this later. I will give you a proper report when I get a chance. But I love it, it is going to be fantastic in the Rameau, and you are a very skilled maker, of course, but much more than that, and I couldn't have hoped for such tremendous efforts to make an instrument that so suits my needs. I will be able to use this flute anywhere, and I'm so looking forward to getting to know it.

 Thanks again for everything Simon. I'll write in more detail soon.


I am enjoying learning the Hamburger Sonata on my new flute (SP, Kirst) and another by Wendling. 

The Netherlands

Het gaat erg goed met spelen, wat jammer dat het nog niet langer mag! De fluit is echt prachtig!

South Afrika

I have just had a good session on the Beukers and I continue to love it.


(SP This is one of my absolute favorite reactions, I really like this!! I am trying some Japanese, so I know hoe difficult it must be for a Japanese person to write English, simply overlook that and read the mail for what it means!!!)

 We had a concert (sponsored by Mrs.Liliko teacher!) last Sunday. I played Haendel's Sonata(e moll). Many people admired at the traverso enviously. She(I'm colling the traverso so) has beautiful sound. It's getting better and better. Please feel easy cause'I'm getting with her pretty fine!
I wanna say "Thank you*1000"for your fine this work(art).


Im very happy with my Baroque Flute thank you very much for your help. Looking forward to get some lessons.

New York

I confess I came to those limited minutes with hours of anxiety burdened with buyer's remorse.  But pleasure was to be had on discovering that some choices made somewhat on the spur of the moment amid a certain chaos may be the right ones.  After my first quarter hour with the Beukers, I think that, like Rick and Inspector Renault in "Casablanca," this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  There is a noble elegant spirit in the first octave that greatly suits both me and the instrument's physical presence.  Let us hope that I can find its complement in the upper registers.


I am so very happy with my Tassi flute.  It is a beautiful instrument.  You were absolutely right-- it is the kind of instrument that will teach me.  I can tell that it is a little too good for me-- (SP no way, she plays beautifully) I need to grow into it!  My friends already notice how rich and bright the sound is.  Chris.... (teacher) called me about 2 hours after I bough the flute from you at the festival and said exactly what you told me, that I'd never regret having this flute.  He was excited that I had gotten it and said it was a very good choice.  Thank you again, and I look forward to perhaps owning more of your flutes.  I will recommend them very highly.

Cambridge England

I have been following the Kirst's progress with the FedEx tracking number and am happy to say it arrived in perfect condition thanks to your excellent packing method at midday today. Thank you so much. It is beautiful (I hadn't expected the extras of staining and rings--thanks for those) and I was ever so pleased with the sound in a first 15 minute play. I know the sound will develop as it is played in so I'll let you know in a few weeks how it is coming along. It was well worth the wait. Your craftsmanship is superb and I look forward to many happy hours of playing music on it.

New Jersey (Kirst)

Hi Simon- I got the flute today and had an opportunity to play it (15 minutes only).  It is really good- both the 440 and 430 work well and the head seems really responsive.  It was worth the wait.  

Melbourne Australia

second mail

Hi Simon,

Just thought I would write you a follow up letting you know how I am getting on with the new flute.In a nutshell, I still really like it! My initial impressions hold: I am particularly pleased with the tuning and with the great response of the flute. As you say on your website, the sound really carries; it is not a small sounding flute. The lower octave is strong and rich, particularly the low D'. However flute sounds lovely throughout its range. I still equally like both corps de rechange, and am trying to give both of them a workout. I am getting more and more used to it each time I play, and look forward to many happy years of playing, and to maybe trying one of your other models in the future.

First mail

I've been playing it in, and I can say that I really like it!  The tuning is really excellent - great f#, g# etc. The sound is to my ear quite open. It's capable of quite a big sound, yet can also be quite delicate. Along with the tuning, for me the standout quality is the quick response; articulation is a pleasure. I actually liked both the 408 and 415 joints; it's fun exploring the differences.
It is a nice piece of blackwood, too...
Thanks so much for making this for me. 
I'll let you know how it goes as I play it in and make friends with it!

Regards, and thanks again,


St. Louis

Tassi, I can tell already that it has an incredibly sweet sound.


Beste Simon, met veel plezier speel ik op je Beukers.....

Indiana (Beukers)

It is very responsive in all registers, and I got a high Bb out of it. I've moved the cork a bit from where you had it, and now it is about 1mm off from center, towards the cap, based on the stick you made . What I especially like is how incredibly responsive it is--articulation is very, very clear. I was playing some haydn on it, to test its limits and it did well for me. I have found there is a nice "solo" color and a very blendable "ripieno-tutti" color as well.

Canada (teacher,Beukers)

Yes, I thought their flutes were very good, and I am also still very happy with mine!


      Ihre Beukers-Flöte ist wunderschön-1000Dank!!!  Es war ein herrlicher Zufall,so schnell auf Sie zu treffen!!


Osaka Japan

The Tassi flute has just arrived.
I am very much surprised to know how great your flute is. I assembled the parts and played for a few minutes, and I am already so pleased with my new flute. I have never seen such a fine flute before. It is very well tuned as you say, and every tone comes out easily. Third octave is also quite good. Playing this Tassi flute is very pleasant. This flute will surely make me more fond of flute music. Thank you, Simon, for making such a treasure for me. I am now reading contents on your web site carefully. I will play in as you recommend. Thank you very much again, I am very happy to have your flute.



US (next Kirst 440)

The Kirst flute arrived today. It plays wonderfully and the wood is very beautiful.

Montana (Kirst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!440)

(first mail) My flute has arrived safely.  Thank you! Thank you!
It is lovely as I expected.  This evening ........ and I played Mozart with flute and piano - it is a very nice balance and I'm sure I'll quickly learn where the tuning lies.   One of my objectives was to be able to play with piano and modern string instruments. 

(second mail) I am also interested to know more about the original model and maker of my lovely flute.  What can you tell me? 
I'm enjoying it very much.  It blends beautifully with the violins.  It responds particularly well and with fine intonation in the third register. 
I'm so glad to be able to play it in our Mozart program on New Year's Eve.  I am very happy!
(third email)I'm  honored to have two of your very fine flutes and to have my comments so prestigiously displayed. 
Your observation about the Kirst inviting Mozart and Beethoven is certainly true.  I'm looking forward to Schubert with traverso and fortepiano in weeks to come.



Mit meiner neuen Traversflöte bin ich sehr zufrieden! Sie klingt sehr schön und ich komme gut mit ihr klar (auch in der Höhe). Es macht großen Spaß, auf ihr zu üben.


Inmiddels heb ik een week op je prachtige Beukers 415 buxus gespeeld. Een geweldige ervaring. Tot nog toe ben ik zeer tevreden.

Portugal,(SP, not guilty until proven!)

I cannot send you a full appreciation of the flute after having played it for a mere ten minutes (as some of your customers seem to be able to. So far I have played it for a good three hours but still need much more time to get used to the flute (and for the flute to get used to me). What I can say is that my immediate impression of its quality seems to be confirmed. I like the sound, it has a very immediate response without extraneous noises and the tuning is as good as the best traversi I posses (a lot, SP). It was played yesterday by a friend who is a professional traverso player and he liked it very much. .....Thank you.... etc.


I have now had a proper chance to play this flute (Wijne, SP). I couldn't imagine ever being disappointed with one of your flutes, but to simply say that I'm not disappointed would be  the cruelest understatement. This is simply a superlative flute. You say on your website that people fall into two camps, either they don't like it, or they absolutely love it -  fortunately, I'm firmly in the second group. I am already in love with it. It does have a rather small embouchure, and slightly elliptical, but I am used to much smaller on my renaissance flutes, and it really focuses the sound. So, once I found the spot, it spoke so easily from the (very strong) low D right up as far as you can go. Even the high F''' natural is there, bright and strong and in tune (once you find the spot). It is remarkably easy to play, and I couldn't resist slurring up and down the scales in the Muethel sonata -
so easy! And perfect for a Mozart quartet. But the sound is what grabs you. It has a reediness (as you remark), but also an openness, a sort of delicate strength, that feels incredibly flexible, no matter whether pp or ff, the sound feels supported and focused. It is quite simply one of the most satisfying instruments I have played. My biggest problem at the moment is how to stop playing it.
But, of course, all I have to do is pick up your other flute! Honestly though, for mid-century or later, this is the flute of choice. ......... It is VERY well in tune, I mean really skillfully tuned which, alone, would make it a great flute. I can't really tell yet if it prefers sharps or flats, but I suspect it is equally happy in both - I certainly had no difficulty in C min or E maj, partly because of the home temperament, but also because the alternatives work extremely well and without effort. There is no feeling that it is being wrought or bent into shape, and yet it still sounds different in E from F or G, as it should! I'm also extremely happy with its appearance. You have made excellent decisions in the modifications to its profile, which have left it with clean, classical lines which suite the lack of rings. It comes across as a straightforward, elegant instrument which is meant to be played, and I really like that ...... It's what appealed to me in the original, but I started wondering if I had made the right choice there. But I did, and you made it a beautiful reality. I must also take note of the slight but important change in the key. I don't know if it is just for this model, but the key is very smooth and quiet, I think a slightly different leather. I hope you don't mind, but I have bent it very slightly so that the cork touches before the spring, which also lowers the touch a fraction, which I find a bit more comfortable, but it is only a small amount.

Altogether, I feel so very lucky to have this instrument, Simon, and will easily make the most of it. It has qualities which make it, not only beautiful in itself, but really practical as well, a musician's flute - what more could anyone ask?

With fondest regards,



 I love the flute! It's just what I had in mind to ....  It's amazing how you can make the usually hard to tune notes so secure, and in such a good temperament. 


I am enjoying my new flute very much. All is well with it.

The flute is wonderful. Enclosed...

Despite my has a beautiful sound and I will learn

Reims, France
p.s habe selten eine so schöne traversflöte gehört




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