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USA somewhere

I bought one of your boxwood Beukers almost a full year ago at the National Flute Convention in Las Vegas. First I'd like to say how much I truly love this instrument. Even with an amateur Baroque flutist like me playing, it has an amazing sound and intonation. It is definitely one of the most in tune Baroque flute I have ever heard.

St Paul, USA

The Wijne flute arrived yesterday, and it's a honey! Thank you very much for getting this wonderful flute to me so quickly! I've begun the breaking in process, and it sounds great. Now, if I could only pronounce "Wijne" correctly.


mail to a friend instrument maker from a Beukers player forwarded to me

P. S. I recently bought a flute from Simon Polak; everyone I've shown it to has been much impressed.



The Beukers has matured wonderfully, and I am totally at home with it. I have used it in a great variety of contexts and repertoires, and it seems to adjust to almost anything. I love playing Bach with it, actually, especially at 408 (also Handel), but it is suited to so many styles. I am using it in Johannes Passion soon, and it easily holds its own. Really, Simon, I never tire of it.


North caroline, USA

The flute is wonderful!  The tone is so pure and free, and the wood of the flute is also very beautiful.  Thanks for the wonderful work you did. 


I must say I am very pleased. Your craftwork is really quite wonderful, and even the first sounds, especially from the A408 joint, are heartlifting. What a nice summer pastime I will have, coming to know this beautiful flute.

Vermont, USA

I'm ......  I hope you remember me!  I was very glad to meet you there, and especially happy to find SUCH a wonderful flute  at your table.  I fell in love with this flute right away, and I have been very happily practicing it every day since I returned home.  I have the possibility of playing ALL the notes now in relatively good intonation, and I have only ONE problem with it . . . I have to stop practicing after only 15 minutes! .....I won't make this a LONG letter... just a short THANK YOU from my heart for making this beautiful flute.


Thank you once again for the wonderful flute, I have totally fallen in love with it. It really suits me perfectly!


I did get the flute on Wednesday - I barely had the time to play it, but it is wonderful, exactly as I remembered it from Washington.


It looks great ¡¡¡¡ The traverso is very beautiful, and it is very handable and gratefull to play.



so I send you mail confirming receiving your flute.
Thank you very much!
Now, I  am very glad to play your flute.
I think the sound this flute is very mellow.
Thank you very very, very much!


I just reseved the flute. It is really beatifull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will start playing as you propose in the care page.


As to the flute, it feels great!! With this four days of experience I can tell you that I am really taken with it! Of course it will take time to really get to know the instrument, but my first impression is truly very very good. I know I'm just a student, but this is my opinion, coming from the bottom of my heart!

South Afrika

The Beukers is absolutely marvelous! As you know, this is my first wooden flute and I did not really know what to expect. Well, it is beyond my wildest expectations - as the flute and I get to know each other I discover something new every day. I am very pleased that I also got the 408 joint; I alternate between 415 and 408 and have great fun the exploring the differences.


:-)  Just wanted to let you know that I received my Beukers traverso this morning (11/3/03) and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It has a marvellous tone and is a pleasure to play.  It's hard to put down.  Thank you very much.


I do like your flute.


(first mail) I'm really satisfied with the flute. (second mail) I'm really satisfied with my new instrument. I had a lesson today and my teacher liked it too.

England (Japan)

My flute had been, as you wrote somewhere in your website, very good at Japanese heat and humidity and all that. After some weeks of practice, I played Trio Sonata for flute and recorder by Quantz with a friend (who is an experienced professional player), where I realised how my intonation had been improved with this instrument. In general, I now have much more freedom to shape my music.  My life is so much better with this flute. THANK YOU.


(first mail) i tried your flute this morning and i must say  i like it very much.
it plays with a clear and ringing sound.

(second mail)
thanks,i am very happy with the flute, a lot of compliments,


I am enjoying very much the flute, it is still "growing" and improving, and I like it very much. Thank you for being so patient and nice to show me your instruments, it was definitely worth it.

(somewhere, I am getting too spoiled with these mails, but please keep sending them I am really very grateful!!!)

Thank you so much for my new Tassi flute.  It's plays so beautifully!  I love all of its colors and its dynamic range on even the cross fingered notes from bottom to top.  It was an impulsive decision.  I thought I'd end up playing it only solo, but today I played duets with a friend who also has a 392 flute.  It's so difficult to stop playing it when time is up during its breaking in period.
    Last month, I spent 2 weeks...... at a baroque workshop.  There were 6 of us in the flute class.  3 of us played your Beukers flutes--....


I love my new flute!  I’m up to 45 minutes per day; certainly an exercise in discipline to stop at the specified time.  I am very satisfied that I made the right decision.
She has a beautiful tone that responds confidently in the high register. ...... It is so easy to play in tune, I’m sure Mr. Wijne would be proud of her.  (Can you tell we’ve bonded already?)


It seems quite a while since I purchased the Beukers traverso ..... I just wanted to write to say hello, and to tell you how very pleased I have been, and of course still am, with the instrument. is an easy-blowing instrument, with both f-sharps remarkably well in tune (as you said, the upper one is essentially in tune, the lower one just needs to be "imagined" in tune and it will come that way!). The f's and b-flats and e-flats are also very well-tuned, and the tone is rich and full. I also love the appearance of the instrument, stained a beautiful colour which is warm in effect and with a dark red, almost mahoganny kind of glow.
In short, thank you once again for selling me a lovely flute.


Hi Simon, I bought the Beukers Boxwood flute 4M at the flute convention in Las Vegas.
I love the instrument!! It is the best baroque flute I've ever played!!


I have been playing my new flute for a while now and I wanted to let you know that I like it very much. It has a wonderful sound and I have noticed that boxwood suits me well.


I am enjoying your Beukers flute purchased last year. It is working very well ! ....

New York

The flute has already arrived!  Your promptness in making and sending this flute was incredible; ....
My first impressions of this flute, after taking it out of your delightful velvet bag, is that it is an incredibly beautiful instrument and superbly crafted; ........examining the wonderful grain and workmanship.  The flute is absolutely stunning to look at and hold, like an original rather than a replica.  Needless to add, I suppose, I am thrilled with it!
Playing the flute for its first 15 minutes you recommend, I found it well in tune and strong, particularly easy and sweet in the 3rd octave.  I had trouble stopping myself at the 15 minute break-in mark, rolling a bit toward 20... couldn't help myself; the flute is quite fun to play!  Moreover, its tone gained both character and depth, increasing brilliantly just as my time on it ran out for the morning... Ah, well.. patience!


The tone quality is great-with wonderful responsiveness. Also the intonation seems to be very good and easily manageable in the more difficult notes. Thank you so much for your hard work and attention to detail, which is obvious in the quality of my new instrument. Also, you were right on schedule with completing it, which is sometimes quite uncommon with instrument makers. I so look forward to many happy years with my flute!!!


I came home late last night, with my flute. I must say I am ever so happy. ....... This morning I was convinced that I had chosen the right flute. It is beautiful with all sorts of unlimited possibilities.
PS: I had never experienced such lovely sequence of E-F#-G#-A!


It is gorgeous and sounds wonderful and it's made with fine workmanship! Thank you for the very special wood choice and the stain color is perfect. My first impressions are: The 3rd octave is very clear, loud, responsive and easy to produce and that the accidentals are well tuned indeed! I sounds very sweet, but I suspect the projection is excellent.


Je joue avec plaisir de la flûte que je vous ai achetée au salon Musicora à Paris il y a quelques semaines.


I hope you are well! After playing the Beukers at A415 most of the time since I got it, in order to settle it at that pitch, I have now started to use the A408 joint regularly. What a sound! It is wonderful to go back to it now that I have become so familiar with the instrument. It is like having a new instrument! It is the same feeling I have with my Bressan recorder copy at A410 - it is astonishing how much difference there is between the two joints.


I'm very glad you made the flute for me.
The flute respond superbly for every notes low tone to high tone. I feel vibration to my fingers when I play the Beukers. Really great sounds... have a hearty sounds. I couldn't imagine until take it and play it. Also this flute have a pleasant ring in my house.


I've received the flute, and it sounds terrific (at least for the 10 minutes I've played it so far). 

Amsterdam (but Spanish)

     As regarding the flute, I am really happy with it. The flute is well balanced all through the three octave register. It articulates very clearly and has a beautiful sound, adapting herself easily to different repertoires. Tuning is really amazing. It does not matter whether you play on E Sharp or C Minor, all keys are easy to play. Forked fingering is not only in tune, it is also sound balanced. Altogether a beautiful instrument.

Trujillo Spain

The traverso is here!!! Well packaged, in perfect condition. After an hour of warm up, I have given a touch. What flute!!! It's more than what I waited for. What marvelous instrument it can get to be!!!
Thank you very much, Simon. I will keep in contact.


(first mail) The flute (Wijne) arrived yesterday. I let it warm up yesterday and got a chance to play it briefly today and it is amazing. Definitely a great flute for the early classical stuff.
(second mail)
I just love the flute! I have been playing the Mozart Flute Quartets and it is great for them.


(first mail)
First of all, I think it is a most excellent and beautiful flute. It has a great deal of character in the sound, is VERY well in tune, and plays very easily - including that high F''', which is wonderful. Also, a very strong F', which is a pleasure. I tried the 408 first (of course! ) and it is indeed worth having just for the sound. The 415 is excellent, but there is a depth and texture in the lower joint that makes it special. I will enjoy exploring this for a long time to come. Your workmanship is superb. The turning is very fine, and the finish exquisite.
(second mail)
That is, it feels like a 1730s instrument, with its depth and texture that carries into the high register as well. You can always feel the heavy fundamental in the sound, especially with the 408. In fact, the fundamental is so strong that it wouldn't feel out of place in Hotteterre, if you couldn't compare it to a French flute. But it's the texture in the sound, and its flexibility that really grab me. Simon, when I play this flute, I sometimes have to just stop and smile, it makes me so happy.

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