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Thought you might enjoy( picture she sent me) ! Thanks for making such beautiful instruments.

Baltimore, Beukers blackwood

Hello Mr. Polak! I have been playing the flute for about two weeks now, and I absolutely love it! Its sound blossoms every day. Thank you so much for the amazing flute!

Australia Kirst 440

No kidding!!! Bushfires are serious business down here.
Thanks again for the beautiful instrument - will be in touch if any questions!

Vienna, Kirst 415

Hallo Simon, danke für die gute Beratung.Bin sehr froh über die Flöte.


Anyway, I would like to tell you that the Beukers is a god send. It is so easy play and the sound is more malleable than a hardwood flute. I am keeping to your instructions - 1 or 2 15 min sessions per day, so far. I can definitely hear the changes in sound after playing for a little while. I notice that the sound changes as well when I apply some oil as you instructed. I have been playing on it 6 days a week (up to 30 mins per session). I played a bit on it to a few of my colleages and supervisor and modern flute teacher. They've only ever heard me on the Tassi. They are quite surprised by the difference in sound (and "very much in tune", from my Polish flute teacher/friend of 15 years).


Dear Mr. Simon Polak,

Thank you for a card of the New Year.
I like the Wijne which you produced last year very much and play it every day.


I’m still very happy with my flute, it seems to be a love affair !


Best wishes for a Happy New Year
From Robert Hillier and his wonderful Beukers


Danke gleichfalls, habe viele schöe Konzerte auf deiner Kirst (415) Kopie gespielt,
herzliche Grüße und alles Gute,


Just played my Beukers for two hours - Vivaldi, Quantz, Locatelli I, II, & VI. It is really a great flute but the ebony does need to be warmed up. Yes I need to try your Kirst. Will listen to your teacher's clip.


Your Wijne is doing as well as ever. Almost everyone who tries it loves it. Oddly enough, people who cannot make a sound on other baroque flutes have an easier time playing it than most traverso players... Its a very strange phenomenon. I would have thought the opposite!


Hi Simon,
yes it was nice meeting you, too! I am enjoying your Kirst (415) even though I
haven't played it for longer periods yet, just about 15-20 min per day so
far, due to caution and lack of time...

New York

Yes, the Beukers flute arrived! It is beautiful! ........ played it today and he loves it too!
Thank you so much!

I have looked at your website to learn how to care for and play in my new instrument.

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