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  All prices include costs such as transportation (DHL etc.), insurance and all taxes.

I do most 'not third party paid' repairs at no charge whatever the age of the flute. I have only a small number of repairs per year, so I can afford to do this.

Students: I do not make a student model but maybe the student payment page is interesting!


Beukers boxwood/blackwood 415Hz €1500-
Beukers ebony 415Hz €1680-
Palanca boxwood/blackwood 415Hz €1500-
Palanca ebony €1680-
Wijne boxwood (either) 415Hz €1500-
Kirst boxwood/blackwood 415Hz €1500-
Kirst boxwood/blackwood 440Hz €1500-
Tassi blackwood 392 or 400Hz €1680-
Tassi ebony 392Hz or 400Hz €1810-
Rippert boxwood 400Hz or 392Hz €1860
Naust boxwood 400 Hz €1680-
408 Beukers joint(!) boxwood/blackwood €295-
408 Beukers joint ebony €345-
430 Kirst joint boxwood/blackwood €295-
Haka €1860-

(!) a joint is not a flute, it is just a middle piece that changes the pitch. So theese are not "cheap flutes".

Flutes are delivered with this nice sachet, red or blue .


I can only receive credit card payments via PayPal. 
I would be pleased if you discussed Paypal payments with me beforehand.
For Paypal payments click the desired currency button below.


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